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CultivateAI is a cloud-based, mobile platform that helps you make informed, data-driven decisions with real-time analytics. Our trusted insights are designed to help your Ag Operation increase production, manage risk, and maximize profitability.

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We understand that collecting your data is easy, but leveraging all of it is next to impossible. That's why our passionate team of agricultural software developers and service providers created CultivateAI. We're committed to building a cloud-based system that takes the work out of Ag data management, empowering you to make intelligent, informed, and strategic decisions.

Our deep understanding of Precision Ag data is backed by over 15 years of success. We have designed and built GIS and site-specific crop management software for small and large Ag operations alike—as well as for our own family farms. We understand first-hand how complex and challenging it can be to sift through volumes of data and how quickly analytics can become skewed.

However, this is one of the most exciting times to work in Agriculture. The most advanced technology is now readily available and more affordable than ever. Our drone and satellite imaging allows you to observe, manage, and respond with unprecedented accuracy to the variability in the health of your crops. Our software and services are designed to help you do more and grow more—and use fewer resources along the way.


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