Transform the way you Grow

CultivateAI is a cloud-based, mobile platform that helps you make informed, data-driven decisions with real-time analytics. Our trusted insights are designed to help your Ag Operation increase production, manage risk, and maximize profitability.


Your Ag Operation's inventory has incredible value that is always changing. Whether you want to track every tree in a field or map every underground tile line, our software allows you to inventory those assets with user friendly GIS tools and monitor those assets as the value changes over time.

Framework overview flow diagram

Integrated Data

Our platform automatically aggregates your field, seed, and yield data into one secure place—your data silo. The data assigns a GPS location to the correct field boundary, providing accurate mapping and reporting.

CAI flow diagram

Machine IoT Sensors

Our software collects and cleans volumes of machine sensor data so you don't have to. Summaries are provided for the entire area under management all the way down to the specific crop, product, or plant.

iot flow diagram